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Do You Have To Disclose Asbestos When Selling A House?


Do You Have To Disclose Asbestos When Selling A House?


Asbestos is a type of toxic material. This dangerous material, when found in the air, can be hazardous to human and also to the animals. The perfect place where to find asbestos is in older Homes where it is used as insulation of basement pipes. Asbestos can also be found in tiles and as well as vinyl flooring. If the owner of the home decides to sell their Orlando houses that are too old to have asbestos, no federal law limits one to sell their house that has asbestos. However, some regulations require the real agents to disclose any relevant information concerning the house to the potential buyer. This includes the presence of asbestos in the house.

Asbestos Is Dangerous To People

 The reason is when they are in the dust like form they can be easily inhaled by humans resulting in serious health problems. Likely this will happen if improper methods of removing the asbestos are used or those materials with asbestos are damaged. Any undamaged siding of asbestos poses no threat.

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It is important for the homeowners to get the house inspectors to survey the house to determine any source of the potential causes of asbestos in the home. If the homeowner decides to conceal this type of information to the buyer, then they can be held liable by the law for the omission of crucial information and also the cost of the repair. Once the survey of the house is done, it is advisable that the homeowner fix the problems of asbestos or bring the presences of asbestos in the house to the buyer’s attention. If the homeowner decides to fix the problem, it becomes their sole responsibility to bear all cost.

Do You Have To Disclose Asbestos When Selling A House?


If the homeowner decides to fix the problem of asbestos in the home, they may do so by either removing all the tiles in the house and mostly in areas where the asbestos is concentrated or by completely covering the pipes in a way that asbestos can not spread anymore. Either way, way they decide to take care of the problem, they should make sure they disclose the existence covering tiles to the potential buyers.

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Home inspectors have unanimously agreed that if the owner of the home decides to cover-up asbestos correctly using tiles, this cannot be hazardous to the persons living in that house. However, if the buyer at one point decides to do some serious renovations in the home and for example decides to chip away at those specific tiles that were used to cover up the asbestos, then that can be-be serious because likely there are high chances of spreading the asbestos in the house.

Asbestos Can Effect Buyers

The effects of asbestos are not just about the health; it can also affect the buyer when doing renovations and even when they are reselling the house. Naturally, the first thing that can be changed by asbestos is the cost of the house. This is because, although, asbestos has not been part of home inspection typically, more and more potential buyers have become concerned over the risks of asbestos and as a result are putting more and more pressure to the house inspectors to individually pay attention to things like asbestos around the areas of pipe insulations and also in other areas where it is likely to be found.

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