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The houses age in a fairly slow way, during this time the problems that may exist accumulate gradually. Foundation issues in old homes. If you live in an old house or you have in mind to buy or renew one, these problems could be simple annoyances that you can solve quickly, or they can have a high degree of danger.

Foundation Problems

One of these serious problems are the foundation problems, this can be seen and felt very easily by simply walking the house since irregular floors are very easy to distinguish between floors that are well. It is clear that the base requires a thorough inspection by an expert engineer, but there are signs that manifest themselves within the home.

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This is a heartbreaking problem if it is in your mind to buy that house you are visiting. Foundation issues in old homes. On the other hand, acquiring a property with this type of problem can be a risk, but it is a risk that will be worth taking, since properties with this type of problem are sold for a much smaller amount than the others and you would obtain from them a great monetary benefit after making the respective repairs.

Make a Quick Inspection

You can make a quick inspection on the outside of the house to chip and peel, and verify with a screwdriver the hardness of the concrete. In addition, verify the cracks that appear in the concrete, if there are fine cracks these are not indicative that there may be a serious problem, but before making any decision, it is important to hire a structural engineer who performs a complete inspection of the house for than the report on how serious the foundation problems are.Answering the initial question of: Is it safe to live in a house with foundation problems? Our answer is yes, it is safe depending on the seriousness of the problem. Another important sign at the time of a quick inspection in a house is, if there is no movement at the sides of the crack and it is less than a ⅛ inch, the problem is only cosmetic and there is no type of risk…How to sell a house with foundation problems.

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The walls with blocks of masonry show different signs, in them the vertical cracks and without movements are totally common, but if there are cracks in step, it means that you have a big problem. In the worst case, if there are horizontal cracks in any type of foundation, it is likely that a total replacement of the foundations will be required.Some of the causes of the problems may be the land that swells or land that dries out, causing common structural cracks that extend from the bottom corners of the wall. This problem is completely repairable, and one of the products that can solve the same is the systems of clamps for walls.

These clamp systems are offered in a wide variety of materials and prices, most typically incorporating bolts of steel clamps along the wall in the installation, others adhere a carbon fiber mesh to the wall with an epoxy. Normally these systems have a cost of less than $ 5,000 in an average house.


If your house is presenting any of these signs that do not cause risk to your health, you can hire a repair team to take care of your problem. But we strongly recommend that a structural engineer perform a thorough inspection of the house to verify the seriousness of the problem and that there are no other problems on the property.

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