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Whether you are looking for your own home or a house to invest or rent, finding cheap homes for sale in your market is a must to secure your financial future. However, depending on where in Washington you live, this could be difficult with increasing competition in the real estate space, but not impossible. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to get Houses for sale in Washington state under 200 000.


In most US cities you can buy a comfortable place that you can call home for $ 200,000, and probably have a nice patio. The general trend tells us that houses with prices under $ 200,000, usually have wood floors, laundry, fireplace and some type of patio, no matter how many square meters it has. That is why we are going to give you some tips so you can get the best house without exceeding the $ 200,000 limit.

Set Internet search Filters

If you find yourself on the internet looking for a house with a good price that stays below 200,000, it is necessary that you order by price, selecting order by “cheaper first” this because the real estate platforms usually classify the houses by the “More expensive”. With this first step, you can get a clear view of the best prices you can get in Washington, in addition, some pages offer personalized searches where you can see the neighborhoods with the lowest prices.

The second point to follow is to observe many houses. By looking at a lot of them, you can differentiate the good from the bad and train your mind to find excellent offers. You must contact your real estate agent to visit as many homes as possible, take note of what you like and what you do not. The more you look, the better your chances of finding a good offer.

House Might Require some Work

On the other hand, keep in mind that some cheap houses are sold for an affordable price because they require some work. However, this does not mean that the property does not result in a beneficial treatment for you, on the contrary, this could be an excellent investment, plus you could repair the house to your liking. But to get a good business you should call a professional inspector to ensure the damages of the house and an authorized contractor that estimates the possible repair costs.

Another point that will be of great help is to look for “For sale by the owners”. This is because in many cases, people in an effort to save money put a sign of “For Sale by Owner (FSBO)” in the yard of your home. However, many of these people have no idea of the real value of their home and sell it for a much lower price than other houses in the neighborhood. It is also a good idea to stay tuned on sites like Craigslist for FSBO sales as people often post their homes there, this is a good option to get a house under $ 200,000.


It is not necessary to acquire the most expensive house in a neighborhood to be happy. Whether it’s your primary residence or an investment property, you can earn money by buying a house for an affordable price, so do not think about it anymore and go out and get a good deal. Fortunately, these tips will give you excellent help to start looking for houses correctly and get an offer under $ 200,000 in Washington.

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