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How to Sell Your House After a Fire


How to Sell Your House After a Fire



Are you the unfortunate victim of having a house damaged by fire? Don’t worry because you are not alone. According to the National Fire Protection Association, there are approximately 350,000 houses damaged due to fire incidents every year causing a collective damage of around 6 billion dollars.

However, despite this, the even bigger problem that homeowners have to face is selling their houses after a fire. Home insurance can provide coverage to some extent but the homeowners still have to bear the grunt of repair costs. The repair costs to undo the damage caused by the fire leads the homeowners to try to sell it off.

With this in mind, there are certain tips baltimore homeowners should keep mind when selling a house after a fire.

Ask for an Insurance Claim

This is one of the first actions that a victim of a fire incident to their home should take. It is best to call your insurance agent and report the incident. The insurance company will appoint an insurer to visit the site and assess the damage. They will then determine how much you will be paid.

If you had taken some pictures of the house before the fire, those can be very helpful when comparing with the more recent ones in order to ascertain the extent of loss and damage incurred to you.

It is also helpful to make an inventory list of items that you think were burnt in the fire. The list might require details such as the make of the product, serial number or the date of purchase.

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Make Arrangements to Live Elsewhere

During the insurance process, it is best advised that you make arrangements to stay somewhere else. It will depend on the insurance policy that you have chosen but most companies will provide you and your family with the basic amenities such as food, clothing, housing etc.


How to Sell Your House After a Fire


Ask About a Restoration Company

You will also need to start the cleanup process on the house and separate any undamaged items from the rest. The smoke and residue buildup from the fire can be very toxic and so full body protection and gas masks are highly recommended.

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On the alternative, you can ask to hire the services of a professional cleaning company that specializes in dealing with such fire incidents. It will cost you extra but will save you time to do it all yourself. You can choose to clean up any soot or water damage yourself but issues like the smell of fire and smoke can only be adequately handled by a cleaning company.

Selling Your House after A Fire

Homeowners usually have two options of either selling the house through a realtor or selling it very quickly by offering it on cash.

Keep in mind that when you decide to sell your house through a realtor, you will most like receive a cash offer from an investor. These investors usually purchase fire damaged houses at a low price and then fix them up at a later time. This naturally gets them more profit when real estate prices are favorable for them. On the other hand, you can skip annoying costs associated with hiring a realtor and sell your house to a willing buyer on cash. The best advantage of such an option is that you save a lot of time and that you’re selling your home after a fire in an “as-is” condition without having to worry about extra repairs and costs.

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