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For many Americans, the process of selling a house seems complicated for almost everyone. Most of the time, people do not proceed or follow up in doing so because of confusion within the process. Worry not, however, as here are some tips to help you:

Hiring an agent (or not)

The agent, or listing agent, serves to be your representative and is responsible for all your housing interests. You will need to discuss with your Agent regarding the status of the house, including the structural integrity, physical issues, and length of service. This article is also applicable if you do not have a hired agent.

Marketing your house

When selling your house, be careful not to overprice it. Your house should be sold in line with a comparative market analysis report, which the agent can help you with. Every house is different, so make sure to time your sale just right depending on the market temperature. Once the price is set, you will need to improve your house’s appeal for potential customers. Immediately start cleaning in and around your house. Make all the necessary repairs, so go around your house and check for any signs of disrepair.

With or without an agent’s help, you will need to showcase the best features of your house. Go from advertising words to reviewing all the fine points within your house that you can show. If possible, do a virtual tour of your house, post it online and seek reviews for evaluation. You can even hire some photographers to improve your house’s appeal.

Receiving Customer Offers

When you time your market and sell your house just right, expect some offers. Do make counteroffers when you feel that you have an initial lower offer at first. This is done so that a customer can be engaged more rather than feel rejected. If the price is fully warranted, do not hesitate to make a full-price counteroffer.

How To Sell Your House in the United States


You will need to open escrow and get a title policy. It is paramount that you get the agent’s contact information so you could close the deal on the buyer’s loans and/or purchase. Once it is done, you will need to clean your house in anticipation of an appraiser. An appraiser is a separate agent that will assess the final value of your property. An agent can help you for alternatives should you get a low appraisal rate.

Next, a home inspector comes in to ensure the physical quality of the house. Inspectors will check everything from the ground floor, all the way to the basement and the attic. Usually, inspectors come with the potential buyers when they consider purchasing your property. If possible, have a roof certification done by a highly reputable company to conduct the inspections. One of the key factors in ensuring a smooth purchase of the house is a thorough pest inspection. As such, ensure that all fees for inspection reports are met. They are negotiable, however.

Final Details

Once the inspections are complete, you can disclose other physical details such as the type of lead-based paints used in the walls, the sewer systems, etc. If the buyers are satisfied, you can now sign escrow documents together with your agent and the buyers. You will need a valid photo ID for this. All the necessary documents, including the property deed and deed of trust will be placed categorically at public records. You may have to move out of the house immediately or on an agreed time, depending on the terms of the contract that you signed.

Now there, these are the necessary details you need to know before you start selling your house. So go ahead and begin your first sale!

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