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About Real Step

Couldn’t find someone reliable to sell your property ? Or you might have found someone but not efficient enough to respond to your queries. But now you don’t have to worry anymore because Real Step is here, the ultimate solution to your problems. We will provide you a team of diligent and dedicated workers that consider the needs and desires of the clients both equally while providing them the best experience of our service they deserve. It doesn’t matter that why you want to sell your property? Or when you want to leave. Just either come to us or give us a call, we will help you!

We are a team of responsible and licensed local estate experts specializing in buying various properties in Tampa Florida and its surrounding areas. Being a highly responsive, caring and savvy, our workmen are quite instrumental in contributing in the real estate industry to bring the sellers an ultimate experience, transparency and the convenience they want or prefer. This not only gives us stand-out position among highly rated real-estate industries in the market but also allows us to gain trust of the people around us. We always focus on delivering affordable but high-valued solutions to the evolving needs of our clients. Our main goal is to surpass all the possible expectations of our clients by providing them the finest experience possible.

Raphael Vargas

Raphael Vargas is the CEO and Founder of Real Step. He creates the vision for Ace Home Offer, leading his company and his team. He is constantly practicing and learning about Leadership, and has the extraordinary vision of building real leaders all around the world, using Ace Home Offer as a platform.

Raphael Vargas

Raphael Vargas

Over the last few years, we have purchased number of residential properties by spending millions of dollars. We have bought simple family homes, townhouses, pent houses, farm houses, cabins, cottages and even condos while encouraging our clients to step forth and live the life they dream of often. We also help the building owners to enhance the value of their investments by giving them comprehensive and practical management strategies.

We buy homes from the sellers in almost every condition imaginable. From the ones who are simply looking for more space, those for looking for maximum efficiency and confidence in fast-closing, those who want a relocation for both family and work, the ones who are under pressure from the creditors and even those who have inherited. So overall, no matter what the condition we’ll help you to sell your property as quick as 7 days



Meet The Real Step Team

A Professional Home Buying Team Focused on Faith, Leadership, and Development of People

Raphael Vargas

Founder & CEO

Raphael is the CEO and Founder of Ace Equity Pros. He creates the vision for Ace, leading his company and his team. He is constantly practicing and learning about Leadership, and has the extraordinary vision of building real leaders all around the world, using Ace Equity Pros as a platform.

Raphael has a background in Sales and Marketing, and loves to teach the foundational principles of Sales to greatly create Win/Win situations. He aggressively chases his vision and purpose, always holding himself to the highest degree of integrity and work ethic in everything that he does.

Joe Dillon

Partner & COO

Joe Dillon is the COO and Partner of Ace Equity Pros. He oversees all of the operations and implements the vision for the company. He manages the amazing team here at Ace and is constantly finding ways to improve the business as well as the individuals in it.

Joe is a big proponent of personal growth, and believes that growth in all dimensions of life is absolutely essential to a healthy, well-rounded life. Joe likes playing soccer, being outdoors, reading, and Latin dancing. He loves spending quality time with his family and friends.

Justin Meyers

Homebuying Specialist

Jusitn is one of the first people you speak to when looking to sell. He is a Compassionate, Professional leader within the Ace Team. He speaks with homeowners to determine how to serve each best by evaluating their properties and needs. His attention to detail and knowledge of the industry, insures he creates the best customized solution for each homeowner.
Justin enjoys bettering himself and those around him, by constantly challenging himself, his family and his friends. He enjoys spending time outdoors, experiencing new places, and seeing new things..

Steven Morales

Homebuying Specialist

Steven speaks with homeowners who call in for information. He guides them through how the Ace Home Offer process works and also helps evaluate the property and creates win-win scenarios.

Steven loves building relationships and is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction with all clients with integrity and honesty. Steven grew up in Tampa and enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as making a difference in his community by giving back and inspiring others to reach their potential for success.

Nehad Darwish

Licensed Florida Expert

After years in this industry as a Licensed Realtor in the state of Florida, Nehad is an Expert to say the least. She is the one that meets with homeowners in the Tampa Florida Area. She will present options to each homeowner and give real market details to ensure you sell for a Fair Price.

Nehad has lived in Tampa almost all her life and when not working loves spending time with her 2 children of 11 and 6. She is a very active member of the Life Point Church in New Tampa and ensures she lives out her Faith in all aspects of her life.

Javier Suarez

Licensed DC Expert

Javier is the one that meets homeowners in the Washington DC area. He to will present option to each homeowner and give real market details to ensure they sell for a Fair Price.

Javier has lived in the DC Metro area his whole life and when not working loves to read and Study on Market trends. He also enjoys traveling outside the country and visiting locale DC Restaurants.

Carlos Caballero

Director of Sales

Carlos is the primary point of contact for our investors. He ensures funds are situated for every transaction in a timely manner to guarantee a smooth transaction with every homeowner.

Carlos loves helping people no matter what. He is a man who thinks of his family first and does all he can to make them secure. He is a professional dancer at Ferocity Dance Co. and loves spreading the happiness he gets from dancing to others as well as teaching.


Luke, Washington, DC

This company gave me the opportunity to make sure that my family will be always taken care of by giving us a house of our own. I can now safely say that our future is becoming a little bit brighter because of all the help that we have received from Real Step.{

Jade Summers – Tampa, Florida

With Real Step and their tireless professional agents, I was able to get the house in my dreams in just a few months. I highly recommend this particular real estate agency for anyone in need of a home that they could call their own right away.{

Lila Denver – Baltimore, Maryland

We were able to sell our house without difficulty working with this company. At first I thought they were somewhat similar to those fly by night companies that offer real estate opportunities to unsuspecting individuals only to disappear into oblivion as soon as they receive a down payment.
However, I was wrong about Real Step. They certainly were able to help me sell my property without much effort. The sale went through in just a few minutes and I couldn’t be happier.

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