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Mary Rose

“I was currently looking for a quick sale for my home after my divorce. First I went with one company and I was almost done with selling my property to them but I ran into some problems. So, a friend suggested RealStep and I contacted them the same day I found that I wasn’t able to complete the transaction with the other company. They responded very quickly and I meet with the agent next day and we finalised our transaction with next few days.”

Sandra C

“I was facing a really difficult time selling my condo apartment. When I had lost all my hopes, one evening I was reading an article about home selling and that’s when I found RealStep. I immediately contacted them and got a fast response. There was good communication and professional buying style. I was able to sell my condo within a few weeks. Now I thought contacting with Ace Home Offer is one of the best decisions I have made.”

Patrick K

“I recently inherited some properties in the Miami. I live out of state and I didn’t know anyone from the area. I wanted to go Miami and sell my house fast; when I asked a family remember she suggested RealStep. At first, I was afraid once the ball got rolling I was very happy how fast and professionally I was able to sell my house fast.”

Perla Bello

“My experience with the company was very good and professional. I needed to sell my house fast and they did it without any problem at all. The price offered was fair and they had constant communication with me. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results. At every step I was told about the procedure and what they are doing.”

Aimee G

“We all know that home selling and buying can turn sometimes into a really bad experienced. That’s what happened to me when I was trying to buy a home in a new city I almost got scammed. I moved to a rental house but when I had a kid I decided to buy my own home. That’s when I contacted RealStep I was afraid due to my past experience, but the way they helped me I’m very impressed. I would highly recommend RealStep to all other single moms out there.”

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