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Selling a house in bad shape or poor condition is a tough job. It can also drain you mentally throughout the entire process. The truth is, you don’t have a wide variety of options to choose from unlike when you own a house in good shape, if the one way does not work, you can always try another approach. The primary key is to find and choose the right buyer who is willing to provide the best for the personal needs and circumstances you have.

Selling a House in Bad Shape

Selling a House in Bad Shape

Ways To Sell Your House in Poor Condition

If your house is in poor condition or bad shape, you don’t have to worry because there are other ways you can try to sell it. Here’s how:


Selling your house privately obviously means that you sell it throughout yourself without having to use real estate agents or any entity. What’s good about selling your house on your own is you all have the chance to cater and highlight your home’s strong points. With this way of selling a house, you are able to make extra money because you don’t have to pay for an agent’s fee. While this method needs an extra effort, make sure that you prepare yourself first.

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Agents of real estate have been serving and helping people for years. It does not matter whether a house is in poor condition or not; a reputable estate agent will help you with all means. Before you allow an agent to help you out, make sure to choose the right one. In this case, it is essential that you hire a reputable one because he or she will be the only one who can help you sell your poor condition property.


In an auction, it doesn’t matter whether your house is defective or not and new or old. All kinds of homes can join the auction house sale. So, it is one of the best ways to sell the property you own.

Selling a House in Bad Shape


Nowadays, there are numerous homebuying companies that buy houses for cash fast. Within just seven days, you can have the cash from sale in your own hands. They will give you a fair all-cash offer, and they will buy your house as-is, in its current condition. You don’t need to make significant repairments or repainting. Make sure to find a trusted home buying company.


Yes, its true that selling a house in bad shape is not that easy, but there are ways to sell it. One of these ways is to make some minor repairs. If your house is in a total bad shape and you don’t make any repairs to it, then don’t expect that there will be potential buyers who will be interested in your property. You don’t need to repair everything, just the primary ones. Clean it, fix the roof, fix the damage on the walls if any, and repaint it. In that way, it will look more appealing.


Selling a house is never easy. It can cause you stress sometimes. But when you own a poor condition house, you need to consider numerous factors in order to sell it quickly or simply sell it. You have to lower the price of your home. Remember, in an old or bad shape house, there are a lot of repairs needed to make, but you are not required to do it all – a little it is fair enough. Always price the property right according to its features and damages.

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