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The world is evolving, and not just technologically, but also touching the home design. What looks like the best home design in the previous times is considered old fashioned today, so to keep your home from looking dated, things that date your home, you have to engage the evolution of the new home designs. How can you achieve that find out!

Tips on How to Keep Your Home from Looking Dated

Things That Date Your Home

  • Personal Style

Your personal style should determine what your home will look like. A lot of people flow with neutral colors like gray, and white, and that is a good place to start from.These colors are cool tones colors that can blend with any décor, and can survive the changes in style and design. White for instance will freshen up the home, and you might as well consider moody color like emerald green.

Combination of emerald green with grey will give your home a luxurious look or shade of purple and white for your bedroom, dining, and living room. Purple will likely not be suitable for the kitchen, but colors like grey, white and mint green will give your kitchen a modern look.

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  • What’s Trending?

What makes your home looks dated is because your home cannot keep in step with “what’s trending” in home design. This does not mean house renovation. It means spice up your home! If you travel back in time to the early 2000s you will remember the trending Tuscan style.

  • Perhaps your home still has the decorative style; you have some adjustments to do. The Tuscan decorating style was popular with the ornately decorated oversized furniture.


  • And does your home still retain the travertine floor unfortunately, they are no longer trending.  So in this situation how can you keep your home from looking dated? When it seems like the only solution is to get rid of the style there is a solution here! Moreover scraping off the style can cost a fortune.


  • Remove any reddish item form the house,things that make your home look cheap also remove the cheap home decor items such as the art work, draperies, pillows, and other decorative accessories, and replace with brighter items,  you can consider Navy color palette too is lovely!


  • And then use white to invigorate your home. Besides, using the neutral color, white for your walls, even the cabinets will make your home look beautiful and stylish even in the face of the dated travertine floor! And don’t forget the flashy lamps too; they could turn out to be what you need to make your home look stylish.

Furthermore, consider changing your wallpapers to the beautiful wallpapers around, also consider changing the color of your wall if they are painted red or brown to an updated one or neutral colors like white, but let the white complement the home fixtures.

Paint your furniture with the trending finish. And you may also want to replace the sofa with the bright colored sofas.

Final words

There is no limit to the trendiest home designs you have at your arsenal, but it must be in accordance to your personal style.

However, you need to contact home remodel contractors for proper remodeling of the kitchen and bathroom even your home in general provided you have the funds, but if not, focus on the colors, lighting, and minor replacement to make your home look contemporary!


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