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Things That Make Your Home Look Cheap

It would surely be a devastation for most to have a friend come and say, “Let me share with you some things that make your home look cheap.”  While we all appreciate constructive criticism and love our friends dearly, this would cause our hearts to skip a beat.

There’s a sense of pride in the home. It’s as if each and everyone is their own personal interior designer. There’s a competition to see who’s lawn is mowed first, who has the best holiday decorations, who plants the best foliage.

To hear that anything is in any way out of sorts sends a ping of terror through us like no other. Why would anyone think this about you? Well…

When was the last time your home was updated?

This could play a huge factor.  Outdated ideas and materials or contractor-grade items cheapen any home.

  • Generic plain-faced garage door
  • Contractor grade front/back and interior doors
  • Standard brass door knobs
  • Basic light fixtures
  • Plastic vertical blinds on a slider
  • Plain kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities
  • Dated kitchen counter tops
  • Cottage-cheese ceilings
  • Outdated paint colors
  • Wall paper in old patterns
  • Fake wood paneling
  • Furniture that is a complete matching set…sofa, love seat, chair and tables

The thing is, over time life becomes so comfortable and routine,these things are no longer visible to us.  They’re in the background. Just part of the scene. It’s never even a thought to change anything. Actually, for most, the notion of change is daunting.

What some people forget about is that feeling of rejuvenation that comes when you get something new. It doesn’t even have to be brand new or expensive. There are thrift stores, flea markets, antique shops, all perfectly capable of providing things to spruce up a home that’s become … let’s just say less than it once was.

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Ideas for Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Home Look Expensive

  • Buy multiples of cheap items and group them in a collection. They look elegant in a setting. It can be anything i.e. plates, candles, flowers, vases, lamps…anything.
  • Adhesive contact paper over your kitchen counter tops. It can be bought in any style including marble. Cheap fix and looks beautiful.
  • Paint.  You can paint any surface to update it. Just be sure to use neutral tones. Neutral carries a variety of colors.  They’re just not bold, in-your-face-bright.  This would be perfect for kitchen cabinets/bathroom vanities and paint accent walls in your home. That’s a great way to give a punch of style and luxury on a budget.
  • Textured wallpaper in a muted color gives dimension.  Fancy but not costly.
  • Mix match your furniture but keep it together in style. You can buy pieces for next to nothing at thrift stores / invest in pieces at higher end stores and mix it up. You can also reupholster existing pieces. It’s fairly easy.  Watch how on YouTube.  Fabric will cost between $5 to $50 per yard.
  • Use candles. Smells throughout the house can make it feel expensive, but not too much or it’ll do the reverse.
  • Fake wood paneling. Decorate the room in all light colors including furniture, curtains, lamps…everything. The paneling will serve as a nice contrast.
  • Bad carpeting.  If there’s no hardwoods underneath, clean the carpeting really good and find a really nice, large area rug to layer over top.

On the Outside

  • Paint fun patterns on the garage door and add hardware to bring it to life.
  • Add molding to the front door and the windows. It gives height and grandeur.
  • If you don’t have shutters, build some. They’ll make the house more appealing.
  • Add window boxes for charm.

After you see how inexpensive and fun it is to make your home look expensive, it’ll become a competition in your neighborhood to see who can do it better.  Good luck.

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