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So, you’ve decided to sell your house. Things to know when selling a house. Then get ready to take stock of some pearls of wisdom and tips before you finally cash that cheque.

Selling your house is not as easy as just putting up a big “For Sale” sign on your lawn. It takes a little bit of extra work on your end and some important things to consider before buyers actually notice your place.

Things to Know When Selling A House

Things to Know When Selling A House

Take Help from the Professionals

It always pays in the long run if you hire an expert such as an experienced real estate agent or a realtor to do the bidding and transaction for you. Things to know when selling a CT house. Remember to do some research when choosing a real estate professional. A good realtor is someone who has a long standing with the National Association of REALTORS, a body which comprises membership of over 1 million brokers following very strict code of ethics. In short, you want someone reliable and who knows the market pretty well.

Get Your House Paperwork in Order

You must be prepared for any type of inquiries or questions on part of the interested buyers. They would naturally want to know if all the documents associated with your house are complete and readily available i.e. Mortgage agreement/deed, rental agreements (if any), utility bills etc.

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You Would Want To Remove All Your Valuable Items from the House

This would include any fixtures that can easily be removed such as lighting fixtures, false ceilings etc. Similarly, when you do remove all of your belongings, you would then want to conduct some necessary repairs to the house. Try to be as cost effective as possible. You don’t want to spend a fortune on just repairs. You can ask for professional assistance or guidance in this regard. They can let you know about the more obvious repair issues.

Stage Your Home Properly

Things to know when selling a house. It’s also very important for you to make your house as appealing to prospective buyers as possible. You want to be able to give them that warm and cozy feeling. You can ask a professional stager to help you stage your place for this important sales task. These people evaluate the current condition of your house and determine how to most conveniently perk up the whole place to look more appealing.

Things to Know When Selling A House

Marketing is Very Important

Additionally, when you have the place all set up, take some professional photographs of the property so you can market the place online. You need to present an overall nice clean look of the house.

When you have finally done all the hard work in preparing the house for that big sale, discuss a schedule with your realtor about when to make it available for the public. Moreover, you must also maintain the cleanliness of your house daily. It’s not that likely that your house will be sold off on the first sight. You can let your real estate agent to take care of all the questions that will arise from people viewing the house. This will help you to avoid being put on the spot as the seller and risking to answer something that could potentially destroy a good imminent sale.


Finally, when choosing to value your house you must remember to keep in mind the local tax laws and the prevalent real estate prices in the local community. You don’t want to risk overpricing your house or even underpricing too much that you lose out on earning any real profit.

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