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Top 5 Tips to Sell Your DC House

When you tire of the excitement and hub of city life, you’ll be searching for good suggestions on the top 5 tips to sell your DC house. Selling a house in any state is a huge undertaking, but DC is famous in its own right. People are already aware of its many pluses and minuses.

Top 5 Tips to Sell Your DC House

If you want to sell your home, you’ll need to play up the positives.

Pros and Cons of Living in DC

  • Economic stability.  Jobs are plentiful and pay scale starts at good rate.
  • Transportation allows for access regardless of where you live via metro trains.
  • Night life, shopping, entertainment.  No matter what neighborhood you live in there are things to do within walking distance to home or work.
  • Community-driven.  There are lots of organizations for volunteering or service.  People engage with their neighbors, interact with those they live/work around.
  • A multitude of reputable colleges in the city and within two hours surrounding the city. Awesome education readily available to young/young-at-heart folks.
  •  Expensive.  The cost of living is probably the highest of any state in the United States.  Many living there do their shopping online to save money. Rent/mortgages i.e. a one bedroom apartment, approximately $4000 in rent in Center City.  It is recommended when moving there not to take a job with a base pay less than $50,000 per year in order to be able to afford to live.
  • Seasons are extreme. The weather for each season is magnified living in the city.  Summer is breathtakingly hot/humid particularly with having to be in foot throughout the area.  Fall is very cool to where you need a scarf and jacket. Winter is not terrible now. Spring rains a lot and everyone is allergic to something.

There were 100,000 different kinds of plants gifted to the city from other countries and there is no consistent pollen.  This has mad allergies a bit of a problem.

  • Having a car. Not only is traffic congestion a problem, but parking and theft.  People breaking into cars is a common problem when you park along the street.  It’s very difficult to park along the street in DC, though.  People park in garages, but this is also very expensive.

The positives do seem to outweigh the negatives. That sets you on your way to a sale.  Now let’s look at some specific ideas on putting the house on the market.

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Top Five Tips To Sell Your DC House

  1. Understand the market you’re in. It’s important that you’re aware how many homes are on the market, how many are selling every month, how many new ones are coming on, whether it’s a seller’s/buyer’s market and the average number of days homes are on the market. These things add up to your making the right decisions for a successful sale.
  2. Prepare your home for the market. Once your house goes on the market, buyers are going to compare it to other homes available/sold that are similar. If your home is prepared/shows well, you’ll have a successful sale.
  3. Make your home accessible for showings. As soon as it goes on the market, buyers/agents are going to want to come in at their convenience. It’s important to make sure to be flexible with your schedule.
  4. Price strategically. Deciding on your list price will position the house for a successful sale. Price competitively based on comparables which will lead to a quick sale.
  5. Represent yourself with a strong listing agent.  A seller’s agent will be looking out for the benefit of the seller. Buyers agents are responsible for the best interest of the person buying.

With this information, selling your DC home should be much easier.  Maybe show the potential buyer a beautiful day in the city. That should cinch it for you. 

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